Friday, August 2, 2013

Rug revival

Let's talk about our recent update, shall we? Or rather, let's just show pictures (but you knew I meant that, right?):

Pretty easy to see the difference. This, friends, is why I adore Ross. We bought the original rug at Target and love that it's squishy and soft... but it was just too small. Funny how that tiny rug made our tiny kitchen look even smaller! But that wasn't the biggest flaw...

Cue the collective "ewww"'s. This bad boy was not machine washable (and by "bad", I mean "disgusting", but maybe that was clear), and all my attempts to keep it clean were laughable. So when I stumbled upon this washing-machine friendly and slightly bigger rug in Ross, I hugged and and whispered sweet nothings into its, um, pile. Here he is again: 

Ahh. Much better. I clearly need new dish towels now though... and man, oh man how I wish I was allowed to paint those cabinets. Cabinets must be the renters' bane. Ideas on those?