Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh, hello, 2014

This year has so far been a whirlwind of straight-up crazy. In the last 6 weeks:
  • I accepted a job at the Bakersfield branch of PLNU (okay, so that was in December, but still)
  • Trevor began the job hunt
  • I left my job (amidst many tears)
  • Trevor left his job (amidst screams of mirth and joyful dancing)
  • We said goodbye to the incredible people and place of San Diego, including our beloved little apartment
  • We picked up and moved to Bakersfield, CA... More specifically, we moved in with my parents and the only brother still at home, Timmy Wimmy (he loves that)
  • I started said job at PLNU Bakersfield
  • Trev & I celebrated NINE YEARS together on the 9th (golden anniversary, woot!) with a weekend trip back to SD (just couldn't stay away) and Disneyland
  • We started a brand new small group (YAY!)
  • Trevor continued continues the job hunt (and a hunt it is, my friends)
I have experienced every emotion under the sun. Yet in the midst of it all, I am so at peace. (Isn't it funny how that works?) It's clear to both of us that this is where we are supposed to be. Don't misunderstand, we love San Diego with a massive chunk of our hearts (Trevor will cry if you ask him about it), but God is at work in our hearts and in our Bakersfield church and we are thrilled to be here.

Cue the photo roll....
New Year's Eve with the gang
We learned that Ender plays tug-a-war... viciously.
My dad played in a tennis tournament in SD... complete with a headband mullet. So proud.
We saw our beautiful alumni brick on Caf Lane!
My kindergarten picture added to the wall at work! See me?
Trev broke a million on Astro Blasters... AGAIN... stud.
Celebrating 9 years at Disneyland
One thing I'm learning over and over is that God is in control. He has a plan, and it's better than ours. Being in this strange limbo is not my favorite. I'm very much a "create a plan, create 5 back up plans, and cry when something goes wrong" kind of gal... so I'm a little out of my element here. I'm learning that trust is an active part of faith. Much like love, and commitment, and positivity, putting my trust in the Lord is a choice I have to make each minute of each day. It sounds hard to me, and it definitely is challenging to let go, but considering that the only other alternative is figuring things out on my own... why wouldn't I entrust my future into the hands of the One who knows what's ahead? Why wouldn't I give my life to the One who loves me more deeply than I can understand?