Monday, February 13, 2012

Last name standoff

Last week I set up an instagram account (finally, amirite?) and when it came time to create my username, I had a moment.

See, my username is always the same: sckounter. BUT... come wedding time (124 days)... Crazy, right?! Which sparks the question: what do I DO with all these accounts under sckounter? Change them all? Leave it? #majorlifedecisions

I've LOVED being a Kounter. Did you know there is only one Sarah Kounter in the world? Also, frankly, I don't like the idea that eventually I'll have three sisters-in-law with the last name Kounter but I won't.

All in all though, I'm beyond excited to have Trevor's last name. I seriously cannot wait to be Sarah Kirby. (Looks good, right?) I think there's no better way to start our life together.

So, in conclusion, my instagram username is sarahcristine. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm international!

Behold, my collective views sorted by country:

I know this was a happy little accident... but to the people across the world who somehow accidentally found this page, you made my day. Especially you, Malaysian person.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hair schtuff

Some styles I'm liking, some more than others... Anyone have any preferences? Dislikes? Pictures to share? (I'm far from decided, so I don't care that Trev can see these...)

 And for post-wedding... maybe? I don't know, I'm feeling crazy...

Sidenote: if you know where these images came from, please let me know! This is the downside to Pinterest...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today was the Super Bowl. Seven years ago on the day of the Super Bowl, I sat on the couch next to a cute boy to watch the game. I sat there for hours next to him, scared to get up to get food or go to the bathroom, because every once in a while our arms would touch and it would make my whole left side tingle, and I didn't want to risk coming back to find my spot next to him taken. I noted the fact that he didn't seem to want to get up either, and tried to keep myself from thinking anything of it... but three days later he asked for my phone number. And six and a half years later he asked for my hand in marriage.

Thursday, February 9th, is our seven year anniversary. Today was our seventh Super Bowl together. I sat next to this boy today on a different couch watching the game and thought about how my left arm doesn't always tingle when it touches him anymore. That might sound sad, and sometimes I feel disappointed about it, but the truth is I have more than just that now. Now, seven years later, I have trust, a future, a partner and a confidant. I have a commitment (also known as a very sparkly ring). I have a best friend, and I have so much joy. (And sometimes I still have butterflies and tingles.)

Trev, you have been bringing out the best in me for the entirety of our relationship. You make me want to be better... a better Christian, a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister and just an overall better person. I have loved being your girlfriend, and now your fiance, and I just can't wait to be your wife. Happy (almost) anniversary! I love you.

Updates & news

Update 1: I picked up my dress yesterday! GAHH. It was such a fun mini road trip with 3/4ths of the bridesmaids (who were willing to leave at 6:30am... told you they were amazing), and we met my mom and grandma there. It's so much better in white, let me tell you. It still needs to be altered, and when that's done I'll be over the moon. We took it with us (well, my mom took it with her) to be altered in Bakersfield. That we can stop awkwardly meeting in Valencia (although we did get to meet up with David, Anne and Hallie's family for lunch!). I'll be in Bakersfield the last month and a half before the wedding anyway.

Update 2: The invitations and RSVPs were shipped! The estimated arrival date is this Thursday (which also happens to be our SEVEN year anniversary! woot) I'm excited... and still pretty nervous.

News 1: So let's talk about shoes. I've known since we booked the venue that I needed flats (a grass lawn and heels do not go well) and that I wanted shoes I would wear again. I also didn't necessarily want them to be on the fancier end, because I wanted shoes I could get my money's worth out of. I fell in love with these a while back:

...because they're pretty and I would wear them all the time. But they're discontinued, which makes things complicated, and then I realized that they're kind of off-white anyway so I let those go. So for Christmas, Santa got me these:
It's hard to tell, but they're glittery! They're wonderful, and I was so excited. But they were a half size too small, and since I had to exchange them anyway I started to think that maybe I wanted to get something that I would wear again (because I'd feel bold enough to wear these on my wedding day, but most days I don't think I can pull off glitter TOMS). And that is how I landed with these:
I COULD NOT be more happy. They're part of a new line of TOMS that were just released. They're beautiful and comfortable and I will wear them all the time after the wedding. Have I mentioned yet how great my mom is?

News 2: We bought our wedding bands on Friday! HOLY COW. We bought them very early (the all-knowing Knot timeline says 2 months out is fine) but we had a 20% off coupon that expired today, and we knew what we wanted so we did it! They should be here in a couple weeks. They had to be sent off to get resized (apparently I have very small fingers, who knew) and engraved. It still feels unreal. Couldn't be happier.

It's strange that with all of these things going on, I still have to go to school and do homework. Strange and frustrating... But it'll all be worth it in the end.

132 days people... 132 days.